Tooth Fillings Cost In Buderim Sunshine Coast and How this treatment is done by Buderim Dentists

The tooth filling – whose technical name is filling – is a treatment of the specialty of Conservative Dentistry that serves to repair a damaged tooth.

This process consists of removing tooth decay from a dental piece so that this ailment does not grow and influence the nerve of the tooth, which would affect having to perform a root canal or root canal treatment.

How do we make a filling at Buderim Park Dental

A dental filling is a simple and relatively fast treatment, which takes approximately 40 or 50 minutes.

In our clinic, we carry it out as follows:

  1. Anesthesia

Before starting the procedure, Buderim dentist applies local anesthesia in cases that require it.

That is, this technique is used when tooth decay is very advanced and affects dentin, which is the part of the deepest tooth and where the nerve endings are found.

  1. Cleaning tooth decay

The dentist removes carious tissue from the tooth. By removing the part of the tooth that is not healthy, it leaves a cavity that must be filled later.

  1. Filling the cavity

To fill the gap left after caries cleaning, we generally use composite. Once the dentist has finished filling the cavity, light is applied so that the material hardens.

  1. Polishing and occlusion adjustment

Once we have carried out the previous step, we polish the filling and perform a bite test. 

What type of dental filling is better?

Depending on the filling material used to fill the tooth, there are two types of dental fillings available at Buderim clinic:


The so-called metal dental fillings are those of silver amalgam. Its main advantage over other types of seals is that they are very durable since they have an estimated duration of 30 years.

Resin or composite

Resin or composite dental fillings are those that, today, is most commonly performed.

This is because said material has the advantage of being much more aesthetic than any other metal-based.

That is, the composite mimics the original white color of the tooth. However, its main disadvantage is that it has a shorter duration.

Given this, it is best for the patient to maintain good oral hygiene at home and to go to the dentist at least once a year.

In this way, our dentist will be able to check the old filling and replace it when he appreciates the deterioration.

As a final note regarding materials, we will say that gold has also been widely used for years to make seals.

Although it is very durable and resistant, it is no longer used because it is very expensive, and its color does not resemble that of the tooth.

Do dental fillings hurt?

Depending on the depth of dental caries that we need to treat, that is, if it affects dentin, it is sometimes necessary to apply local anesthesia.

With this technique, we will prevent the patient from feeling pain during the procedure.

If tooth decay does not affect dentin, we will not apply local anesthesia. If we do not apply anesthesia, the patient may feel slight discomfort during the process, although these will be very bearable.

On the other hand, it is also possible that after the dental filling, the patient feels sensitivity when eating very cold or hot food and, even, when brushing the teeth.

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