Tooth Extractions in Buderim Sunshine Coast 

Tooth extraction is the procedure to remove a tooth that is unrecoverable from the dental point of view, being harmful to the health of the mouth or by indication of another treatment.

There are cases in which the tooth has not erupted correctly (something common with wisdom teeth) and can cause discomfort or recurrent infections.

On the other hand, when the dental piece presents great damage, there is advanced periodontal disease, cystic processes, or other complex pathologies, the tooth extraction that is causing discomfort will be chosen.

Types of extractions

Dental extractions are performed under local anesthesia using a simple technique, which usually does not lead to complications if the recommendations by Buderim dentists  for post-extraction are followed. There are three types of extractions:

Simple extraction: local anesthesia is put in (only in the area where it is going to intervene), and the tooth is extracted with the help of specific instruments.

Root Extraction: This type of extraction is carried out when the crown of the tooth is damaged or destroyed by decay, trauma, etc.

Extraction of included teeth: it is performed by a small surgical intervention by anesthetizing the area locally to extract the tooth that has not yet erupted. This type of extraction is very common in wisdom teeth.

When a dental extraction is performed

A dental extraction at Buderim is carried out when the dental pieces are in poor condition, there is no possibility of reconstruction, and with their extraction, the risk of suffering infections is avoided.

It is also the best option when there are very advanced caries, teeth with deep fractures, a severe periodontal (gum) disease that results in tooth mobility, or on specific occasions in favor of orthodontic treatment.

Care before and after a tooth extraction

On certain occasions, the Buderim dentists may recommend taking antibiotics the days before tooth extraction to avoid infection.

After tooth extraction, the dentist will prescribe anti-inflammatory or antibiotic.

About food, the first days after tooth extraction, it is recommended to follow a soft diet, avoiding very hot food.

It is also recommended not to drink alcohol after the intervention and, in the case of smokers, eliminate or try to greatly reduce the consumption of tobacco as it makes healing difficult.

It is essential to rinse with warm water and salt to promote the healing of soft tissues.

What to eat after extraction of a tooth or teeth?

During the first days of the extraction of a tooth or tooth, a soft diet should be followed, and hard foods avoided that may hinder healing. It is a very common mistake to eat food in very small pieces since these pieces can enter the tooth or tooth extraction hole and cause an infection. It is also not recommended to take very hot food for 4/5 days of extraction, rinse with warm water, and salt to eliminate food that may remain in the extraction hole and not give rise to infection. Salt also helps to heal.

Reasons why it is necessary to extract a tooth or teeth at Buderim

Tooth or teeth extractions are necessary, among other reasons, when the tooth has severe erosion (such as damage or infection), has suffered some trauma or cannot undergo repair. When the tooth is damaged, it cannot remain in the mouth (since there is a risk that the infection will spread or may damage other teeth).

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