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Restorative dentistry in Buderim Sunshine Coast

Restorative dentistry is the set of treatments used to solve problems that occur in oral health and thus restore the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth. The main objective of restorative dentistry treatments at Buderim Park Dental  is to preserve the greatest amount of natural tissues. But it is not always possible to preserve your teeth, and on certain occasions, it is necessary to use a dental implant, a denture or a bridge to achieve oral health.

Filling the empty holes in the mouth helps prevent tooth decay in the remaining teeth. Also, losing teeth applies a stress effect on the teeth that are preserved, since there is less surface area to receive the same pressure.

Most of these therapeutic procedures are performed by Buderim dentists without the need for specialization, although several of these treatments have to do with the function of the dentist: including veneers, crowns, fillings, bridges, dental implants, or total dentures or partial.

Generally, dentists choose to try to preserve the maximum number of teeth. Due to dental implants, it is possible to keep all your teeth, since artificial roots allow you to recover your teeth individually and without damaging the adjacent pieces. On the contrary, solutions such as partial dentures, can deteriorate their structures and allow more long-term dental losses.

Treatments of Restorative Dentistry

The two most common treatments of restorative dentistry at Buderim are crowns and dental bridges. Due to the development of technologies, dental crowns can be restored in a single visit, while bridges usually need two.

The main dental problems and the solutions offered by restorative dentistry in each case are:

  • The problem is a broken tooth, and the solution is a dental crown. Treatment with dental crowns is very variable and can be applied for different purposes, from covering stained teeth to preserving teeth with decay or restoring a lost tooth with a dental bridge. Crowns can be adjusted to the color of your teeth and contribute a touch of whiteness. Although there are various materials, however, porcelain is the best for their functionality and aesthetics.
  • The problem is a lost tooth, and the solutions are a dental bridge, denture, or implant. The dental bridge is a prosthesis that is used to fill the hole left by the lost tooth. It is made of a pontic attached to a dental crown, which is a permanent restoration.
  • As for dentures, they are another common solution to recover lost teeth. Partial dentures can be fixed or removable and are used to recover different teeth. And complete dentures are used to recover all the teeth, and although they used to be removable nowadays, they can be fixed to several implants to improve their base.
  • Finally, dental implants are considered the best solution to recover lost teeth. They can be worn to improve one, some, or all teeth. Because they are placed by surgery on jaw surgery, patients get new teeth that look and feel their own.

Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in Buderim

For certain patients, it is enough to have a healthy smile, but for many of them, aesthetics is an extremely important aspect. The growing demand for an aesthetically perfect smile has evolved in both the techniques and the materials used in restorative dentistry at Buderim. In this way, treatments today combine aesthetic advantages with the recovery of function.

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