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We have always heard that teeth are our calling cards. And this is true. They are part of our image and convey our emotions. However, if these same teeth that give us so much charm are not well maintained, smiling becomes a problem, especially with the appearance of cavities.             

What are cavities?

Caries is an infectious disease that can cause tooth loss if not treated in time.

This disease is caused by bacteria that are constantly in our mouths, and that together with the remains of food in our teeth develop caries. Bacteria produce acids that attach to the remains of food stuck to the teeth by making holes in the teeth. When caries is very deep, it causes a lot of pain, especially when we eat sweets or when we drink cold liquids.

To prevent this from happening, there is no better way than prevention, following the basic rules of oral hygiene.

It all starts with choosing a good toothbrush. Give preference to soft brushes, which do not hurt your gums or teeth. The bristles (those transparent threads) must be rounded. The brushes must be changed every 2 or 3 months when the bristles are worn or bent.

Teeth should be brushed every day, at least three times a day, preferably after meals.

Brushing should start on the outside (the side facing the cheeks) of the teeth and then the inside (the side facing the tongue).

First, keep your teeth closed and make circular movements with the toothbrush all over the outside of your teeth.

The inside should be brushed with reciprocating movements.

The last teeth (those at the bottom) should be brushed very well, as they are the ones that work the most when we chew, the most sensitive being cavities.

The tongue should also be brushed at least once a day.


Floss is another great ally in oral hygiene.

It cleans areas where the brush cannot reach and should be used at least once a day.

How to use:

  • Cut a medium piece of dental floss.
  • Hold tips with your fingers and pass a wire between your teeth until you reach the gum, making back and forth movements from the gum to the tip of the tooth as if you were scraping.
  • These movements must be made on all teeth, especially the teeth on the bottom.
  • Food also plays an important “role” in the health of teeth. Prefer natural foods such as vegetables and fruits and avoid excessive sweets and soft drinks.

And the most important: always visit the Buderim dentist, because only the Buderim dentist will be able to perceive wrong with his teeth at the beginning and apply the treatment.

Well-brushed teeth guarantee a beautiful smile and a healthy appearance.

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