What type of mouth guard or splint should you use?

There are a lot of different types of these devices since each one is specially indicated to fight against a different pathology.

Dental splints are devices normally manufactured by the Buderim dental technician and that give solution to different tooth problems. They are made of acrylic resins or plastic materials. They cover the entire dental arch, are removable, and easy to use.

There are different types of dental splints, depending on the oral problem they correct and their manufacturing process. Let’s see the most common:

According to the manufacturing process:

Prefabricated: It is the least expensive option and can be purchased at a pharmacy or sports products store.

Adaptable to the mouth:

These protectors are molds with lining or molds for “boil and bite” and are purchased in stores of sports products.

Tailor-made: The best option is a custom-made mouthguard by your dentist. Consult your dentist to find out which is the best mouthguard for you.

Depending on its purpose, there are different types:

Whitening splint: They are made in such a way that thanks to a reservoir, they keep the bleaching agent in contact with the tooth surface. They are used in household whitening. They are flexible, and of little thickness, they adapt perfectly to the teeth.

Orthodontic or retainer maintenance splint: Prevent the movement of teeth after orthodontics. The use of retainers is the only 100% effective way to guarantee the stability of the results achieved after treatment.

There are also fixed orthodontic retainers, which do not enter the splint family. They consist of a fine wire that adheres to the lingual face of fang to fang. By being fixed, we make sure that the natural tendency that teeth have to move overtime is “stopped.”

Discharge splint: They are used for the treatment of bruxism, which produces hyperactivity, muscle fatigue, joint, and dental wear. The discharge splints try to relax the muscles and joints that join your jaw to the base of the skull, and instead of wearing the teeth, wear the plastic (hard in this case) or acrylic from which they are made. They are usually used overnight.

Surgical splint: It is a splint that is manufactured before implant placement surgery and is used to plan their location accurately.

Sports mouthguard: It is a type of protector that is used to protect the teeth during the performance of certain sports or risky activities. These types of splints can be purchased in sports stores and are usually boiled to soften them and then introduced into the mouth to adapt to the arch.

Splints or aligners to perform orthodontic movements: Its function is to force the displacement of the temples when invisible orthodontics is performed, to place them in their correct position. It is thus possible to correct the position of the teeth without having to use fixed appliances, more comfortably and effectively than with conventional orthodontic treatments.

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