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In recent years, the invisible orthodontics has been reaping enormous success, and more and more patients are opting for this choice when they have to undergo orthodontic treatment to align their teeth. The growth of this type of orthodontics is far from stagnating, according to the Market Research study, this market will increase by 12.16% every year between 2016 and 2021 thanks to the satisfactory results it provides, to the comfort it implies and also, in part, to the increased concern for aesthetics and dental health.

Invisalign is one of the most requested and successful brands of invisible orthodontics that guarantees fully personalized treatments and guarantees to patients. Virtually any problem of dental alignment such as crowding, overbite, narrow arches, broken teeth, deviated midlines, crossbite, and wide etcetera can be solved perfectly by Invisalign treatment at Buderim Park Dental.

When there is a complex problem that requires treatment with an approximate duration of between 15 and 24 months, Invisalign Full is the treatment designed for it. In this treatment, there is no specific number of aligners, so that the specialist at Buderim Park Dental can plan the number of aligners he considers necessary to achieve the objectives, without limits.

How does it work

Like the other options such as Invisalign Teen or Invisalign Lite, the first step is an in-depth study of the patient’s mouth using the iTero scanner and the Coincheck software in Buderim Park Dental. This software allows 3D images to be obtained at the time of the patient’s denture in the computer screen for the expert to plan the movements of the teeth and the forces to be exerted. After the plan designed, this system also allows the patient to check in advance how his smile will be at the end of the treatment, something that helps to get more involved and take it with enthusiasm. Then the Buderim dentist sends the Invisalign technicians to the information, and they will manufacture the custom aligners for the patient according to the dentist’s instructions.

Once this process is finished, the aligners will begin to be removed, which will be changed approximately every two weeks, and that, practically painless, will gradually solve the problems of malposition.

Invisalign Lite treatment at Buderim Park Dental

Treatment with Invisalign Lite is one of the shortest that exists today. It is used to make small corrections. This may be the case of adult patients who carried orthodontics as teenagers: their teeth have become discolored over time, but their bite is correct.

This treatment option lasts less than one year.

Find an experienced professional at Buderim Dental clinic

In addition to the many advantages that Invisalign offers, such as the invisible aligners, the comfort, and the total customization of each treatment, it is essential to go to an expert in this technique who has been trained in it and is accredited by Align Technology (manufacturer) for it.

How long does an Invisalign treatment last?

The total duration of treatment with Invisalign – also known as “invisible orthodontics” – depends on the complexity of the case to be treated. Although the average time is approximately  18 months, some people require a shorter treatment – 7 months – and others who have greater needs, so this duration can be extended to two years.

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