Family Dentistry

Family dentistry in Buderim Park Dental

The family dentistry, general dentistry, and provides related general maintenance of oral hygiene and dental health services. However, although both terms are used interchangeably, there is a small difference between the two.

Some dentists limit their exercises to firm age groups. For example, pediatric dentists only provide dental care and treatment to children and adolescents. Family dentists usually take care of a wide variety of patients, from young people to adults. Family dentists are responsible for ensuring that plaque that does not accumulate around teeth, that tooth decay is removed and pasted and that the gums remain healthy.

Family dentistry services

Being considered as the first line of defense against dental abnormalities, family dentists and general dentists are primarily concerned with prevention. In Buderim Park Dental, we recommend that you visit Buderim dentist a couple of times a year. These routine visits are very useful for professional cleaning that eliminate plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay. When necessary, they also provide fluoride treatments to help preserve tooth enamel and strengthen it against tooth decay. Regular appointments can facilitate notice oral exertion long before the onset of indications.

Occasionally, x-rays are taken to detect possible cavities and other dental or jaw problems. If caries is detected during a check-up, the Buderim family dentist performs the corresponding cleaning and seals the cavity to prevent a more serious problem that may require endodontic treatment, a crown, a dental implant, or other restorative procedures.

Family dentistry and cosmetic procedures

Although Buderim family dentists are associated with preventive and restorative dentistry, many of them are prepared to perform cosmetic services such as teeth whitening or dental veneers. In case of requiring other more specific treatments or for which the specialization of a cosmetic dentist is required, in Buderim Park Dental, we have dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry that can carry out any type of restoration.

And it is that in our dental clinics, we have specialists from all branches of dentistry to offer the best services in these types of treatments. Thus, we have orthodontists (to align the teeth and treat malocclusions), endodontists (for endodontic treatments), prosthetists (dental prostheses), implantologists (topo type of dental implants) and maxillofacial surgeons (oral surgery). We also have specialists for the little ones, the pediatric dentists.

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