Extraction of tailpiece or wisdom tooth at Buderim Park dental Clinic

When a wisdom tooth erupts completely, the crown is completely out of the gum. However, in many cases, there is not enough space, and the wheels come in a much later position. This can cause the chewing gum to bite, it is difficult for us to brush them properly, and cavities can occur easily. In these cases, tooth extraction may be recommended by Buderim Dentists as a therapeutic option.

Tooth extraction by different phases at Buderim Clinic

Phase 1

Prior assessment by radiography, studying the anatomical situation of the wisdom tooth, especially to the nerve.

Phase 2

Local anesthesia and extraction.

Phase 3

Suture, if necessary.

When do wisdom teeth come out?

Wisdom teeth usually leave between the ages of 17 and 21, although they may occur before or after this interval, or even never leave.

Wisdom teeth can be removed before they leave, for example, when orthodontic treatment is to begin, to ensure that, once aligned, the teeth cannot be displaced.

What are the symptoms of a wisdom tooth infection?

When a wisdom tooth becomes infected, it can damage other teeth or cause other dental problems, leading to symptoms such as gum inflammation, sensitive gums, jaw pain, bad breath, difficulty opening the mouth, among others.

When should the wisdom tooth be removed?

The removal of a wisdom tooth should only be carried out when one of the following situations occurs:

First, difficulty in eruption if infections repeatedly occur if not having much space goes out in an inappropriate position. It causes pain in the presence of cysts.

Second, when there is a possibility that they cause damage to the second molar and if they interfere with the placement of prostheses or the performance of orthodontics.

Does it hurt to extract a wisdom tooth?

The latest techniques of local anesthesia, whether with or without sedation, allow the extraction of wisdom teeth without causing suffering in the patient.

Recovery and care after removal of wisdom teeth

The total recovery of the extraction of a wisdom tooth (or tailpiece) occurs after one or two weeks, depending on each case. To facilitate recovery, a series of recommendations given by Buderim dentists should be followed:

  • take the medication prescribed by the surgeon
  • apply ice on the cheek
  • extreme oral hygiene
  • rinse with warm water and salt every 2/3 hours
  • follow a soft diet, it is convenient
  • Do not exercise during subsequent hours
  • do not drink very hot liquids
  • do not smoke for at least the first 24 hours.

Healing time after wisdom tooth extraction

After removal of the wisdom tooth, in addition to feeling moderate pain, it is normal for the wound to bleed for at least 24 hours. Therefore, gauze should be applied and kept tight for about 20 minutes and change it successively while maintaining this situation by Buderim Dentists.

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