Dentist Tanawha

Main mission of the Tanawha Dentists

The main mission of our dentist is to treat and treat the pathologies of the teeth and gums of patients of all ages. Our dentist treats infections of the teeth such as carries, he / she repairs and extracts them in certain cases. Our dentist also carries out dental diagnoses and assessments as well as x-rays.

In addition, he / she perform dental operations such as the establishment of pivots implanted in the jaw, gum grafting or even the extraction of wisdom teeth. The Dentist also has a preventive role in the treatment and care of the teeth. This involves care such as scaling but also advice and personalized hygiene prescriptions to patients, in order to prevent dental problems.

Our Doctor Qualities and skills:

During the job interview, we make sure that the candidate must have a professional project and must be able to explain it to his interlocutor. Our Dentist present his motivations and highlight the following skills and qualities.

The Dentist must demonstrate human, relational qualities and a great psychological and physical resistance, in parallel with medical skills.

  • Our dentists are able to analyze and carefully observe each patient. They all are demonstrating responsiveness, adaptability and versatility in order to deal with various pathologies.
  • Our team have capacity for listening, diplomacy and empathy towards the patient, in order to establish a relationship of trust. This relationship of trust is essential to reassure and put the patient in good psychological conditions.
  • They have extreme concentration, dexterity, precision and thoroughness in his gestures and in his behaviour.

 Why we are best:

WE ARE SPECIALISTS: We are directed exclusively by doctors and dentists. We offer you quality dental services at a very competitive price.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Our state-of-the-art facilities and technology make our treatments more effective and comfortable for the patient.

FINANCING: We finance your treatment if necessary. We offer payment facilities up to 5 years and you can benefit from financing up to 24 months without interest.

FREE REVIEW: We carry out periodic reviews at no cost since prevention in dental health is one of our objectives.


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