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How to prevent the onset of tooth decay in sippy downs

An essential point to prevent cavities is to brush your teeth as soon as possible after each meal, without forgetting to regularly change your toothbrush, with fluoride toothpaste. The use of interdentally thread is strongly recommended. Chewing sugar-free chewing gum increases the amount of saliva in the mouth and better neutralizes the acids present in the mouth. Chewing gum can therefore reduce the risk of cavities. 

Beyond good oral hygiene, it is necessary to avoid snacking and to monitor your diet. Eating sugary foods that get stuck in your teeth between meals greatly increases the risk of developing cavities. Certain foods such as milk, ice cream, honey, table sugar, soft drinks, grapes, cakes, cookies, candy, cereals or crisps tend to stick to your teeth. Finally, babies who fall sleeping with a bottle of milk or fruit juice in their bed may expand cavities.

Our dentist can also prevent the appearance of cavities in the teeth by applying a resin on the surface of the teeth. This technique, mainly intended for children, is called furrow sealing. He can also suggest applying a varnish. The health professional can also advise a 3, 4 fluorine intake if necessary (tap water is often fluoridated). Finally, it is essential to consult a dentist every year in order to detect a cavity even before it becomes painful. You can check-up your oral problems in our dentistry at sippy downs.

Treatment of caries by our expert dentist

Caries that have not had time to reach the pulp of the tooth can be easily treated and require only a simple filling. Once cleaned, the cavity is plugged with an amalgam or a composite. Thus, the pulp of the tooth is preserved and the tooth is alive.

For more advanced decay, the tooth canal will need to be treated and cleaned. If the decayed tooth is badly damaged, devitalisation and extraction of the tooth may be necessary. 

 These treatments are generally carried out by our professional experts in sippy downs. The pain caused by tooth decay can be relieved with paracetamol (acetaminophen like Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin). In case of abscess, antibiotic treatment will be necessary.

Our Dentists are well experienced his profession in three areas of the public service:

  • In hospital public service such as public hospital
  • In the territorial public service, that is to say in medical offices
  • In the state civil service, within the army health service

Professional development of our Dentist:

There are possibilities for professional development for a Dentist. Indeed, our Dentist practicing his profession in the hospital sector can practice in the liberal environment, within his own cabinet.

In addition, our dentists are specialize after several years of experience in the profession of orthodontist or in the field of oral surgery in the placement of implants. Our dentists are well educated and experienced.


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