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A healthy smile helps you have a healthy life.

One of the best results of good dental care is a beautiful and bright smile. Did you know that good dental hygiene plays an important role in overall physical well-being? Unfortunately, studies indicate that approximately half of Mooloolaba residents do not receive regular dental care.

It is very important that your teeth and gums are healthy. At Buderim Park Dental we offer a wide range of general dental services. We believe that dental care is very important. The quality of life of our patients improves markedly with good dental care.

What happens and can happen when you don’t visit the dentist regularly

Going regularly to the dentist can help with the early diagnosis of many diseases, including leukemia, skin problems, mental illnesses such as anxiety, diabetes, thyroid disorders, cancer or hardened arteries.

Residents of Mooloolaba may have some type of undiagnosed gum disease.

Gum disease can become a serious problem, even a life-threatening disease, such as mouth cancer, diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems.

Pregnant ladies suffering from gum disease are three to five times more probable to have a premature baby.

Mouth cancer may cause early death, more than cervical cancer, skin cancer and other diseases. Every year, many people on the planet are diagnosed with mouth cancer. An early diagnosis can save your life.

Children are more likely to have cavities than other chronic diseases. In fact, children are five times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than asthma, and seven times more than hay fever.

Dental services offered by our Buderim clinic for Mooloolaba locals:

 General Dental Treatments and Preventative Care

Dental Check-ups and Clean

Tooth Fillings

Comfortable Tooth Extractions

Root Canal Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Solutions and Treatments

Gum Disease Treatment

Emergency Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers


Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

Crowns and Bridges


Children’s Dentistry in Mooloolaba

We employ the most professional and proficient dentists and support staff who possess great expertise in catering to the dental needs of our little patients. We try to make the children who visit us comfortable by eliminating their fear and anxiety of sitting in the dentist’s chair. We build a rapport with the children by engaging them with fun play and games and in the process, we educate them about dental care and ways to gain a strong and healthy set of teeth. We encourage both the parents and the children to schedule regular dental check-ups and also provide them with a home dental protocol that lists out food that can hamper dental health in addition to elaborating on the correct method to brush and floss teeth. With the objective of training children to maintain adequate dental health, we offer our Child Dental Benefits Schedule, which provides dental treatments worth $1000 to children who qualify for a span of 2 years.

Emergency Dental Care in Mooloolaba

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and tend to occur anytime and anyplace. If you are faced with dental emergencies, call our clinic immediately. We will ensure that you get the same-day appointment and will do our very best to help you with your emergency on call as well. Our emergency efforts in the past have made the patients feel better by providing quick diagnosis and treatment which has aided in controlling excess bleeding and preventing tooth extraction. 

Our dental emergency services include:

Children’s dental emergencies

Toothache or dental pain

Dental abscess

Lost filling, crowns, and inlays/Onlays

Knocked-out tooth

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We have earned ourselves the reputation of being the go-to dental clinic in Buderim for Mooloolaba community and the surrounding communities. We prioritize your dental needs and oral health at the top and work relentlessly to meet and even surpass your expectations in terms of dental treatment and associated services. 

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Dental Implants Mooloolaba Offer

Is your missing tooth compromising your contagious smile? Visit our caring team of Buderim Dentists looking after Mooloolaba and locals. Find single tooth dental replacements solutions at an affordable price – Implant, Fixtures, and Crown.

Teeth Whitening Mooloolaba

We have always strived to get the best dental solutions to the patients in Mooloolaba and the other communities we serve. Zoom whitening is our latest innovative addition to our repertoire of dental services that enables our patients to wear a confident smile and flaunt their flawless white set of teeth. This procedure can be done either in the clinic or in the comfort of your home. We provide you with bleaching trays and the instruction manual along with the take-home whitening kit to aid you in your do-it-yourself effort. The results, however, are immediate and are known to whiten your teeth up to eight times better than the traditional whitening solutions.

Teeth Whitening Promo for Mooloolaba Community:

In-Chair Zoom whitening for only $599 (otherwise valued at $899).

Take-Home Whitening Kit for only $299. 

Mooloolaba Dentist Whitening Special Offer: Book a combo of both offers by availing our Zoom Whitening In-Chair plus Take Home Maintenance Kit for only $599.

Gap Free Check-up and Clean Dentist Mooloolaba

Upon your first visit, you are offered our check-up and clean services which includes:

Complete oral examination

Comprehensive oral cancer screening

Teeth scaling, cleaning, and polishing services to get rid of stains

Fluoride treatment to prevent decay and sensitivity

Full mouth photos for your records

Two X-Rays (if required) to get a visual between the teeth, under fillings, crowns, and under gums 

Personalized treatment plan if you need any further treatment

Terms & Conditions – With Health fund, Our Check up and Cleans are No Gap after $150 ( i.e Health Fund must cover $150). In the absence of a Health fund, the patient is required to pay $150 for the service.

This offer is exclusive for the first visit only.

We encourage you to take advantage of our latest offers by visiting our special offers page. To know more or book an appointment please call our caring team at 07 5445 6577.

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