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Know about how to prevent cavity at mons-qld

The dental infection that causes cavities begins, first, by impacting the tooth enamel. The damage will gradually develop until it forms a cavity in the tooth. In the absence of effective treatment by a dentist, cavities can affect the dentin, that is to say the layer located just under the enamel, then, in the most advanced cases, the dental pulp. Ultimately, a cavity can lead to the loosening of the tooth or its breakage.

When to consult with us?

To avoid the complications of tooth decay, it is advisable to consult our dentist once a year in order to detect the first signs and to treat as quickly as possible at mons-qld. If the pain sets in, a quick appointment is recommended. A dental x-ray can be performed to detect signs of early caries or the advancement of painful caries.

Prevention: Our specialists give best advice how to avoid cavities

  • The prevention of dental caries depends above all on:
  • A regular consultation with our dentist will detect a dental cavity and treat it at an early stage
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day in the morning and in the evening, preferably after each meal
  • Brush the upper teeth first then the lower teeth.
  • Use a circular motion to brush your teeth, going from the gum to the tooth.
  • Place the toothbrush diagonally so that the bristles are inclined towards the root of the teeth and rotate the brush 45 degrees on the gum.
  • Brushing teeth from top to bottom: Never brush horizontally.
  • Place the brush on each of the teeth and brush slowly
  • Brush the inside of each tooth, brushing from the bottom up.


So if you face dental health issue then contact our dentist and get the best treatment..


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