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Why need to hire our dentist services in Kunda Park

Without specific dental knowledge, it is not easy for a patient to choose a “good” dentist. Good news: there are reliable ways to make your choice! Tracks to follow.

We are a team of professional dentists whose clinic is always at the forefront of the latest treatments in implantology, orthodontics, endodontics and whitening.

We carry out 3D radiological studies, which allow obtaining a clear image of both the head and the mouth in 3 dimensions to improve the service to our patients.

Our practitioner must be able to provide you with a detailed specification of the reimbursements of the CPAM and the rest payable by the patient. Some practices even support their patients to obtain information on the amount covered by mutuals.

Treatments offered by our dentists

The advances in the techniques of detection and dental treatment during the last years have been extraordinary, as well as the improvement of the treatment to the patient and financing conditions that every time offer better possibilities. The general tendency to delay the visit to the dentist can be a serious error, since a timely review can avoid future problems that will make our health and our pocket resent. Proper oral hygiene, as well as a visit to the dentist a minimum of twice a year can prevent or detect major lesions. 

We have at our disposal a large number of specialists who will do their best for our dental health, covering a wide variety of treatments, from the most common such as fillings and cleaning

We offer orthodontic treatments with innovative systems and the most effective at present, our priority is to reach a fast and effective result with the least number of appointments.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest equipment that produces high quality dental restorations. Our team of dentists are responsible for making patients feel relaxed during the procedure. Feel free to discuss your concerns and we will create a personalized service for you. As a welcome gift to our new patients, we offer free consultation and oral examination.

We will help you improve your smile. For appointments, contact us by phone, email or online chat.



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