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Dental thinner is called a thin film of plastic material that is applied to the chewing surfaces to prevent the formation of caries in people who have a high risk of developing them. From this perspective, the application of this preventive technique is especially useful in molars and premolars, which stand out because they have a very irregular surface, with cavities and fissures, in which the bacterial plaque can easily accumulate. This material adheres to the tooth in such a way that it prevents the access of cariogenic bacteria.

Its preventive efficacy is evident if one takes into account that 80-90% of caries of the posterior teeth and 45% of the temporal teeth are formed in the pits of the dental surface and the fissures. The use of dental seals reduces the incidence of caries by 86% during the first year and 58% in the following three. Although the plastic material is very durable – between five and ten years, according to sources – this difference implies the need for the Buderim dentist to check the seal to check its functional integrity periodically.  

These data make dental sealing especially indicated in children since, at the time they leave permanent teeth, they are more likely to develop decay since at early age, the use of fluoride dentifrices is not indicated.

Also, children have not fully assumed brushing and oral hygiene techniques. However, the application of dental seals can be performed on people of any age.

The technique is simple and completely painless. First of all, thorough cleaning of the tooth that is to be sealed with a cleaning agent must be carried out, which is then removed, after which the tooth is dried, and a special gel applied to it, which, after a few seconds, causes the surface of the tooth to become rough.

After a new cleaning and drying, the dental sealant is spread with a brush and allowed to dry until it hardens. Sealers have been designed to withstand normal masticatory forces, so it can last several years. However, it is advisable for the Buderim dentist to periodically review it so that it can be reapplied if it has deteriorated.

The precise indication of the need for dental sealants is given by a previous study in which it is determined that there is a high risk of caries. It can even be applied when there is an incipient lesion, after having been properly cleaned.


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