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Single Tooth Implant

Single tooth implants are used when you need to replace a single missing tooth.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are used to stabilise a conventional denture by anchoring it to several implants in the jaw.

Fixed Bridge Implant

Fixed bridge implant is used to replace multiple missing teeth in one unit.

Step1: Your Initial Implant Consultation

During your first consultation, our team will discuss the best solution for your individual situation. We may choose to take photos and x-rays of your teeth. A 3D scan may also be required to gain a greater understanding of the current condition of your teeth and jaw. 

Step 2: The Implant Procedure

Once Dentist has discussed  with you and explained to you that you require a dental implant, your treatment can commence. During the implant procedure your dental implant will be placed into your jaw. If your dental implant is to replace your front tooth, a temporary tooth may be inserted while the implant is allowed to fuse with the jaw bone and heal. 

Step 3: Tooth/Teeth Replacement

Once the implant has integrated you are ready for your new tooth, teeth or dentures to be attached.  The process is then complete and you’re ready to smile, chew and regain complete function as if your implant tooth or teeth were your own. Please note that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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Your Comprehensive Dental Implant Consultation Includes:

Full Clinical Assessment Of Your Teeth, Gums & Bite

Clinical X-Rays (if required)
X-rays will be charged at private health insurance rebate only (no gap) or taken elsewhere covered by Medicare
Photos Of Teeth And Bite
If required
Full Treatment Plan Outlining All Options Available To You 
We understand that finances can be challenging. We will help find a solution to your needs.
No Obligations
The purpose of this consultation is to educate you about all of your available options. It’s your choice whether you would like to go ahead with treatment or not.  
Gap-Free *Maybe claimable on your health fund. 
*Full fee may be claimable on your health fund
We accept all major health funds through hicaps.

Is the procedure painful? You will experience no pain during the procedure as a local anesthetic is used. Although every situation is different, most patients experience only mild pain and discomfort afterward that can be managed using regular medication such as Nurofen or Panadol.

How much does the procedure cost? The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the situation. Your dentist will be able to provide you with an estimate of cost when you come for this consultation. Your initial consultation is *Gap Free and once you have been examined we will provide a more accurate treatment costing.

How long will it take to resume normal activity following treatment? For the majority of situations, you will need to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours. For the first 4 weeks we advise that you avoid hard foods whilst the implant integrates.

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