Dental Crowns and Bridges

We offer you the opportunity to restore your beautiful smile and improve the function of your teeth with our dental crowns and bridges.

Our dental crowns are manufactured by local Australian laboratories and all our patients are given a certificate of authenticity. Dental crowns and bridges at Buderim Park Dental can help preserve and even improve your smile and oral health.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are artificial caps that replace a damaged or unattractive tooth. They are permanently cemented to the healthy, prepared tooth.. Dental crowns are made of various materials intended for the aesthetic appearance and strength based on the location of the teeth and the needs of the patients.

Crowns are also used to complete the root canal procedure, cap a dental implant or for other cosmetic purposes to enhance the appearance of a tooth that has imperfection.

Gold, metal alloy and ceramic are some of the most common materials used for dental crowns. They all have different characteristics, advantages and downsides. But at Buderim Park Dental, we will guide you in determining which type of dental crown will be suitable for your needs and desires.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are designed to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Once a tooth is lost, it can negatively affect the surrounding teeth, by removing the support and stability provided by the previous tooth. Over time, the adjacent teeth will shift around and this can gradually change your facial appearance.

This problem can be avoided by installing a dental bridge to fill the gap and provide stability to the adjacent teeth. The surrounding teeth are given dental crowns.

A dental bridge will last for many years and indefinitely provide problem-free service with proper installation and consistent, diligent dental care at home. The materials used for bridges are also similar as for crowns.

Strong and Natural Looking Crowns and Bridges in Buderim

At Buderim Park Dental, we offer the most cutting-edge designs and finest materials in tooth replacements. We will present you with all the options available and offer you recommendations so that you can decide what option will best suit your specific needs.

For high-quality dental crowns and bridges and excellent work on restorative dental treatments, consult us at Buderim Park Dental.

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