When should crowns be used? And dental bridges?

According to Buderim dentists, the crowns and bridgework are fixed prostheses that are placed in the tooth or an implant. One of the main doubts our patients usually have is when a crown should be used and when a dental bridge.  

Crowns cover a destroyed tooth

Crowns are covers that cover the entire tooth and allow the reconstruction of a tooth, either to improve its appearance, shape or alignment. It is a fixed prosthesis cemented on the tooth. It is placed directly on the tooth, which has been previously prepared with a dental carving. When that tooth has been lost, an implant is placed and over it the crown.

The objective of Buderim Park Dental Clinic is to return the function of biting, in addition to recovering an aesthetic and healthy mouth.  

Dental bridges, the solution when one or more teeth are missing

Sometimes our dentists at Buderim see patients who have lost one or more teeth or who have spaces between their teeth that produce an inadequate bite. Also, this bad dental position can cause the development of gum disease or other oral disorders.  

In these patients, dental bridges are used, that is, structures that are made up of several crowns. This is cemented directly on the tooth or on existing implants (called pillars), which serve as an anchor to the bridge.   

In which cases is a crown or dental bridge used at Buderim Park Dental Clinic

Dental crowns and bridges may be necessary at times where the remaining dental structure is low or in situations where other dental therapies have already been performed and have failed.

Crowns and dental bridges are necessary to perform them in situations where there is a dental break, and the dental structure is minimal. Also, bridges, especially, are indicated to replace teeth that have been lost and thus replace aesthetics and function. To replace large composite restorations and improve the shape of these teeth. Dental crowns and bridges help give stability and functionality to occlusion. They can also be used, especially dental crowns, to solve dental stains or alterations when other dental treatments cannot be performed.  

Crowns are used in these cases in Buderim Park Dental Clinic

  • To prevent a tooth that is weak end up fracturing
  • If the tooth has finally fractured and there is little dental structure, it is placed to repair it
  • It is placed to cover dental implants, discolored, or deformed teeth.
  • Replace missing teeth
  • The advantages of crowns and dental bridges
  • Improve the aesthetics of the mouth naturally
  • Imitate the natural tooth
  • Porcelain ones are biocompatible and have no side effects, such as allergies.  
  • Improve chewing functionality of the mouth
  • The Buderim dentists will be the one who advises you on the best solution to recover your smile and solve the fractures or lost teeth. If you want to have more information, ask for your appointment.

Types of crowns present at Buderim Clinic are:

Zirconium and Metal-Free Crowns

They are biocompatible with the gum. They are translucent and metal-free. Normally recommended for anterior teeth for aesthetics. They are as strong and durable as ceramic ones.

Ceramic Crowns

The inner shell or structure is made of metal, and they are very durable and strong.

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