Dental Bonding: The shape of the teeth

Who wouldn’t agree that healthy, well-formed, and naturally white teeth make their owners confident and, therefore, more successful? In today’s world, the emphasis we put on our appearance is even greater than before. This is the reason why more and more people use various methods of tooth remodeling.

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  • Is it possible to reshape the teeth?
  • In what cases is tooth remodeling justified?
  • What Kind Of Dental Procedures Are Suitable For Contouring Teeth?
  • Is it possible to reshape the teeth?

It often happens that, despite healthy teeth, we are not satisfied from an aesthetic point of view. The good news is that it is possible to change the color, size, and even shape of our teeth. Thanks to scientific developments and modern dental procedures, today anyone can have perfect teeth.

In what cases is tooth remodeling justified?

Diastema – a crack between the teeth – is a harmless defect in most cases. Most frequently, it occurs between the two upper incisors. However, it can also appear between the lateral and posterior teeth, which can lead to chewing problems, as well as other dental problems. Getting rid of the space between the teeth is not just a remedy for these problems. The uneven surface of the teeth can also cause inconvenience. It can make chewing difficult, the affected teeth are more prone to caries, and it is not beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. Another general fact is the obvious variation in the size and form of our teeth. This can be annoying, especially when the size of the front teeth are different, which makes our teeth uneven. Very often, people’s teeth seem much smaller than they are. The reason for this is that the gingiva grows excessively on the teeth, making them smaller optically.

What Kind Of Dental Procedures Are Suitable For Contouring Teeth?

According to Buderim dentists, depending on the patient’s preference, various procedures are available to change the shape and size of the teeth.

One of the most excellent known solutions is the dental crown, which guards a destabilized tooth. This is an ideal solution to give discolored and uneven teeth a better appearance. Also, the crown is used for implants and to repair broken or damaged teeth. Crowns can be made of various materials: metal, metal ceramic, plastic, integral ceramic, or zirconium oxide. A disadvantage is that during the assembly procedure, the teeth have to be filed – which damages the intact teeth.

Dental veneers, ceramic veneers, or direct veneers are excellent but lesser-known solutions. They can offer a perfect result when our teeth are discolored. There is a gap between our front teeth; our tooth is broken or does not have the appropriate shape or size. A decisive argument for ceramic veneers is the fact that the teeth are minimized during the procedure. The result is a beautiful natural-looking dentition.

In cases where the teeth seem too small because the gum has grown on them, the Buderim dentists can push it up using the dental laser. 

All in all, if you are not satisfied with your teeth, you must not be afraid to contact us: nowadays there is a solution to every problem!

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