Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is an oral infection, manifested in small pockets of pus in various areas of the tooth. There is the periapical that is at the tilt of the root and the periodontal eruption that takes place in the gums close to the root of the incisor.  

If they are not cared for in time, these granites can reason the germs to attain the dental pulp, also recognized as a nerve, and origin it to die entirely and therefore lose your tooth.

Causes of the appearance of dental abscesses

A periodontal disease, a damaged tooth (broken, chipped, or injured), an infected tooth or dental caries can be the reason for the appearance of abscesses.

When decay is not attended, it can progress until it attacks the nerve since the bacteria reach the pulp creating these small cysts. In periodontal disease, the gums separate from the teeth, and periodontal pockets are created. When food remains to enter them, bacteria begin to develop, forming dental abscesses.

Symptoms of the infection

According to Buderim dentists, when suffering from this infection, the symptoms that appear are the following:

  • The small grain in your gums with the reddish or whitish tone
  • Sensitivity in your teeth
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Salty taste in the mouth
  • Fever
  • Swelling of the cheeks
  • Severe gum and chewing pain
  • Facial pain

If you feel pain in any of your teeth, bleeding, and inflammation or foreign fluids that come out of your gums, they may be a sign of the appearance of a dental abscess. Failure to attend to it on time can be detrimental to your dental health.

Treatment for dental abscess

If you think you may have a dental or gingival abscess go to a dental professional at Buderim Park Dental Clinic.

Our dentist will clean the region around the abscess, duct it to free the accumulation of emission, and care for the infection. On occasions, a fistula is formed in the oral cavity through the bone and skin that consents to the drainage of pus. If this deep tunnel has been created as a result of the abscess, our dentist at Buderim Clinic will clean it so that it can close on its own.

When identifying some of the symptoms mentioned above, it is ideal that you come immediately to us.

We will acquire steps to prevent the disease and prevent you from losing your pointed tooth.

First, the antibiotic infection is treated, a draining process must be done to remove all the accumulated pus and thus eliminate the pain. If there are complications, endodontic treatment is used, or better known as endodontics. The nerve affected by the abscess is removed and sealed correctly. In the worst case, if the infection is impossible to cure, our specialists must extract the tooth from where the infection comes.

You must maintain excellent hygiene, so you can reduce the risk of developing this type of condition. Do not forget to visit us periodically to prevent this and any dental disease. Schedule your appointment and leave your oral health in the hands of the best specialists.

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