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Bad breath is irritating and unlikable, both for the human being who undergoes it and for community relations. It can be a handicap that affects when engaging in a face-to-face dialogue with others, with a significant impact on the self-esteem of who suffers it. And beyond this, it is a symptom and effect of oral diseases, such as tooth decay or periodontitis. Therefore, it is essential to control bad breath, not let it go and find solutions.

Halitosis as explained by Buderim dentists

We will begin our review of this problem by defining well what is halitosis or bad breath. The term halitosis, which comes etymologically from the combination of the Latin halitus and the ancient Greek suffix – σις ( -sis ), which indicates a process, refers to the set of unpleasant odors that occur in the mouth, since either on time or permanently.

Bad breath is triggered by the presence of bacteria in the mouth and on the surface of the tongue. These bacteria break down, producing volatile sulfur compounds (CVS), which give off a foul and annoying smell.

Causes told by Buderim dentists

Let’s see now what are the causes that cause halitosis. Many reasons can lead to bad breath, although. We can include them in two ways depending on their origin: intraoral halitosis, halitosis of foreign origin. It comes from other parts of the body, such as the stomach or respiratory system.

In most cases, around 90%, halitosis has an intraoral origin based on these possible causes:

Poor oral hygiene

Perhaps one of the most repeated causes in the origin of oral problems, but it is essential. In this case, not having rigor with brushing involves the proliferation of bacteria in our mouth and in our tongue, whose decomposition we already mentioned implies the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Tooth decay

Dental caries not only causes pain and even a possible loss of teeth but also cause side effects such as the bad breath.

Gingivitis and periodontitis

 These oral conditions that inflame the gums also trigger a bad taste in the mouth and halitosis.

Shortage of hydration and dryness

Dry mouth or xerostomia is also a cause of halitosis as a result of a lack of adequate hydration if we have not drunk enough water.


We have already told you in previous entries how tobacco affects your mouth. And bad breath is one of the effects of smoking, since cigarette substances (nicotine and tar, among others), adhere to the mucosa of the mouth, tongue, and teeth, with its consequent unpleasant smell.

Respiratory causes

Problems that affect the respiratory system, such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, laryngitis, or bronchitis, can lead to bad breath.

What treatments exist to prevent bad breath?

Once the different causes of bad breath have been analyzed, we will highlight the main solutions to treat and end it. In this way, by extending the tips to prevent halitosis that we previously noted in the blog, we highlight the following treatments:

Strengthen oral hygiene

Obvious and necessary. Nothing like reinforcing our oral hygiene habits, with a strict daily brushing, not only of the dental pieces but also of the tongue, where bacteria also accumulate. It is also recommended to use dental floss to remove food particles accumulated in the interdental spaces.   We can complete it with mouthwashes, but in moderation, since excessive use can produce a counterproductive effector.

Control eating habits

Another solution is to avoid as far as possible those foods most prone to bad breath that we mentioned before and provide more presence to our diet of fruit and vegetables.

Neither alcohol nor tobacco

Both aspects are harmful to our health and cause bad breath. Quitting smoking and controlling alcohol intake are effective solutions.

Drink enough water

Hydration will help to end the dryness and lack of salivation, and with this, we will stop the bad breath produced by this circumstance.

Regular check-ups at Buderim dentist

We don’t get tired of saying it. Periodically going to the Buderim dentist is essential to prevent and detect possible problems. Bad breath can be the source of more serious conditions, and the perspective of specialists such as those we have in Buderim clinics is key.

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