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Welcome to our caring team of dental professionals in Buderim Sunshine Coast.

Since you are on this page, you might be living with missing teeth or loose dentures. Worry not, we are here to help you and bring back your confidence and smile. Let us share the good news with you which will make you smile. At Buderim Park Dental, we have been helping the local community with our outstanding customer service and care.

We are excited to inform you that we can help you bring your smile back by offering you dental implants as a modern, reliable treatment to replace your missing teeth, and restore your healthy, attractive smile once more. You can eat your favourite food without any hesitation and smile with friends and families or even at the camera with confidence.

Get care and high-quality dental implants at our boutique dental practice in Buderim Sunshine Coast

Our caring and qualified team can place titanium dental implants as an ideal replacement for your missing tooth. You will be happy to know that dental implants are the closest restoration to your natural teeth.

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We understand the impact of missing teeth/ loose dentures can have on your life. We have seen and heard from our patients that loss of self-confidence, hesitance to smile, and difficulty in chewing favourite food is a thing of the past for them post the dental implant treatment.  Welcome to affordable dental implants from Buderim Park Dental, Your local Buderim Sunshine Coast dentist.

Let us help you get that smile you deserve by giving you options to replace one missing tooth, a few, or all of your teeth if needed. You might simply prefer a more comfortable and modern alternative to loose dentures. Dental implants could be the ideal treatment for you to answer all your questions about missing teeth or loose dentures.

How do we replace missing teeth with dental implants in Buderim Sunshine Coast

Titanium Dental Implants

Let us learn what a dental implant is. It’s an extremely strong titanium post, which is threaded into your jawbone in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. And this procedure is as simple and comfortable as a tooth extraction. Our caring dentist then leaves this biocompatible material buried in your bone, leaving it undisturbed under the gum tissue for about 2-6 months.

Next, once your bone has grown around and bonded to your new dental implant (technically called ‘osseointegration’), Our caring dental team will gently uncover it and connect it to a small metal post. This metal post will secure and support an artificial tooth, such as a custom-made crown from our local dental laboratory in the Buderim Sunshine Coast.

Dental implants are considered as the sturdiest replacement for your missing tooth root which modern dentistry can provide, at a reasonable price. You’ll be all smiles to see how dental implants replicate the colour and look of your natural tooth.  With dental implants now you can say bye-bye to missing teeth and those loose dentures.

Your Affordable dental implants treatment In Buderim Sunshine Coast 

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Take advantage of our reasonably priced and affordable dental implants to restore your smile, talk to our team to book a Free Consult to for our special prices on dental implants. Our amazing caring dental team can restore your missing tooth by placing an affordable titanium dental implant with a full porcelain crown. 

Since you have come this far let’s work towards bringing that smile and confidence back for you.  We provide a no-obligation and no-charge consultation for Dental Implants in Buderim Sunshine Coast. You can send us a message here through our contact form or you can send a message on Facebook too, leave your contact details and we will call to discuss your situation and book you in for a consultation with our caring dentist. During your dental consultation, our caring dentist would talk to you about your situation and would give you a treatment plan with possible options as per the findings, payment options (we have interest free payment plans) and time required to finish the treatment.

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If you have any questions this appointment is for you to ask those questions so that our dental team can help you better in making informed decisions about your oral health.

Affordable Dental Implants Buderim and Maroochydore

Affordable Dental Implants in Buderim is now the better alternative to the traditional options of fixing the missing tooth. Talk to our team.

How much Affordable Dental Implants would cost in Buderim Sunshine Coast?

As we all know dental implants have been very effective in providing a reliable solution for missing teeth. So, if you are considering dental implants to get your lost smile and confidence back, Then you are looking at market prices in the range of around $4500 to $7,500 per tooth. But at Buderim Park Dental, we’re proud to bring our Sunshine Coast patients the modern technology of affordable titanium dental implants, including a full porcelain crown and highest care. All of this at a very reasonable cost! Book a free consultation for dental implants to get estimates and treatment planning for your situation.

Why Choose Affordable Dental Implants Buderim

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As is common in health processes, you can find a long list of clinics to perform these treatments, however, if you are looking for affordable and high-quality dental implants from a highly trained caring team, Kindly give Buderim Park Dental a call to book your Free Dental Implant Consultation.

Buderim Dental Implants

The team at Buderim Park Dental works and follows the high standards of infection control and outstanding care for our patients. These procedures allow the incrustation to combine the mandibular bone and, subsequently, a layer suitable for the prosthesis or the bridge is created, depending on the number of pieces to be replaced.

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This feature allows better results in speech and at mealtime. Buderim dental implants are affordable and long-lasting option to restore the quality of life.

Dental implants Buderim reviews

On the internet, it is possible to find information about anything, especially when it comes to health issues. The dental implant Buderim reviews have a long list of testimonials of success that confirm their efficiency and benefits. 

*All surgical processes carry some risk index. But, Buderim dental implants have years of technological improvements and testimonials from patients that can be known when talking with our team of caring professionals.

Best dental implants Buderim Sunshine Coast

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Everything will depend on the needs and wishes of the patient. However, there are some keys to choose the best dental implants Buderim with us :

Diagnostic tests: checking the state of the bone, it is important to know to provide the best possible option for you.

Team: Our team is caring and professional who provides confidence and explains the procedure in plain English, you can have the satisfaction of quality work with us.

Implant quality: Each material has a degree of biocompatibility, which is a decisive factor in the choice.

Dental implant expert Buderim

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When deciding to perform this type of surgery, the second most important thing is to choose the caring team of dental implants in Buderim. 

For more details like the cost of the implant, treatment time and payment plans etc. talk to our caring team today:

Your local Sunshine Coast Implant Dentist in Buderim.


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